Not so ‘sweet sensation’


Stopped over at Sweet Sensation(Alagomeji outlet) to grab a quick bite with TH a couple of days ago, and lets just say….the ‘sensation’ we got was far from sweet. About five to six years ago, SS was my go to place for mouthwatering home cooked meals,and occasionally I would also stop over on my way back from work to cool off with a bowl of Ice cream. The ambience was generally good.

So what happened? At first glance, everything looked kind of alright, but then we sat down to eat and there it was….from dirty ceilings to dirty walls, cobwebs, and food crumbs all over. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the pasta I ordered tasted bland and the meat was obviously stale. The other thing we noticed was that some of their staff were watching football during working hours, when TH asked to speak to the manager, we were informed that he wasn’t around, a response we are quite familiar with.

As it is with most small businesses in the country, management starts to neglect the small things as soon as they have gained a reasonable number of loyal customers. How much would it cost to paint the walls half yearly or at most yearly? Should your staff be seen faffing around during shifts or working hours instead of attending to customers and cleaning up after them?(obviously there is no firm supervision in place)

I definitely wont be visiting again, even mamaputs and some buka offers better services.


P.S- who else thought the trip down to a separate table in a corner to pick up cutlery and toothpicks was irritating?