Olaiya versus white house ( the Buka chronicles)




My first proper buka experience wasn’t so long ago and yeah I knew for a fact that I had been missing out. Don’t judge me, my Mum wasn’t a fan of mamaput or Buka food, growing up in Port Harcourt the only street food we had access to was Boli and fish. (story for another day)

So why White house and Olaiya? Let’s just say they are one of the most popular Buka giants on the mainland that offer just about the same thing…mouth watering naija delicacies; Amala & ewedu& gbegiri to die for, rice and stew that can erase tribal marks and pounded yam that has not seen recession.

They both offer the same meals on their menu, Olaiya’s prices are slightly higher than white house’s, however I believe that the latter’s quantity is more satisfying.

For ambience, I definitely would go with white house, it’s bigger, and neater. Olaiya on the other hand needs to get a bigger space to cater for its large clientele , I always have my food packed to go anytime I stop over as I have a phobia for densely populated eating spaces. Quality of service is not something I normally would look out for in a Buka, but then the world is changing. Olaiya gets my vote in this category. Their staff are more friendly.

Parking is just as challenging in both Olaiya and Whitehouse but White house has more security personnel helping out while Olaiya typically has one single old man who always tries to get you to park in the gutter while he’s standing in the middle of Akerele road, risking his life.

Verdict: let’s just say it’s up to you, I patronize both..Olaiya for Amala and goat meat also known as Ogunfe in Yoruba while I prefer white house for all things rice…especially their rice