Race for pizza domination : Deboniars versus Dominos pizza


deboniars dominos

Pizza is à flat Bread-like snack garnished with tomato sauce and cheese  as well as a  selection of meats, vegetables and condiments to give you a glorious finish. While pizza hasn’t gained much ground in many parts of Nigeria, Lagos would be an exception. There is a pizza outlet in almost every major area. You only need to ensure that you would not be getting what seemingly tastes like bread and stew,  making a bad day worse. Hence, the need to be aware of the best pizza outlets around.

Debonairs pizza and Dominos pizza are always the first to come to mind amongst a few others. However,  deciding on which is a better choice is often challenging as i have witnessed in many arguments. I decided to go about a deliberate observation of both and do a mini survey to put my thoughts in perspective.

They both offer really good pizza but debonairs pizza ‘seems’ to be à better quality than Dominos pizza.  However,  i believe the latter provides more variety to choose from.

In my expérience,  the prices are slightly more pocket friendly in Dominos pizza than Debonairs.

Finding a Debonairs pizza outlet is often a challenge and when you find one, it’s most likely hidden somewhere in a mall. On the other hand, Dominos pizza outlets are easier to locate as they in most cases, have a separate building or by the road side. Generally, there are more Domino pizza spots than Debonairs. I googled ‘pizza’ recently and Dominos pizza caught my eyes right before i could locate Debonairs pizza anyway. I reside in an area most people in Lagos would consider ‘outskirt’ but guess what ? Just two days ago,  i saw something like a ‘soon to be open’ Dominos pizza outlet just around the corner (Talking about accessibility! ). I will no longer have to go a long way to satisfy a sudden craving for pizza !

I was talking to a friend and this is what she had to say : “I go with Dominos pizza. The customer service is great. The pizza is always awesome with enough cheese! And they are where ice cream is. ” Facetious right? I thought it was an interesting perspective but true.

In the mini survey i carried out:

More people said they prefer Dominos pizza to Debonairs pizza.

All agreed that the former’s prices are relatively cheaper and some attested to the bonuses it regularly gives.

All agreed that Dominos pizza’s customer service is great.

Only a few agreed that Debonairs pizza is better.

All agreed that Dominos pizza is more accessible and easier to find.

In all, i had more votes in favor of Dominos pizza. Could it be that people are compelled to settle for Dominos pizza because it is more accessible, gives discounts and bonuses, has more friendly staff and offers pizza that in the very least doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth ?  Or did more people vote Dominos pizza because it really is the best around ?

Maybe. Maybe not.


Personally, i do not see much of a difference in quality in both pizzas. I have had both and i didn’t regret eating either. Most factors such as price,  accessibility, customer service,  bonuses are in favor of Dominos pizza. Why then would i have to travel a long way for one pizza,  when there is one close by. Note that it would be a différent story if i saw a ‘significant’ difference in quality. But, i do not.

I guess all i’m trying to say is ; try both, consider the factors that directly affect you and make your choice. Whichever makes you Happy !