Rave of the week; Sebamed children’s shampoo



As a first time mum,  I was into big brand names when shopping for hair and skin products for my baby  , I didn’t pay much attention to ingredients…fast forward two years, two kids and having to deal with seborrheic dermatitis with my first, I definitely do a bit of research now before buying anything. Even after a doctor’s recommendation, I google all active ingredients ( call  me crazy…but better to be safe than sorry)

My first child developed seborrheic dermatitis at about 4 months and although the pediatrician had assured me that it would clear up eventually, I still couldn’t stand to see the way his skin looked( dry and flaky)  which was how I found out about Sebamed cleansing bar ( will be reviewing this in a later post).

 Sebamed baby shampoo; TH had insisted that I get the best hair products for our newborn to prevent hair loss which was the case with my first. So naturally the Sebamed baby range was my first choice and lets just say I wasn’t  disappointed. It keeps my baby’s scalp moisturized and his hair shiny, some days I even forget to use baby hair oil .

So far I haven’t noticed any hair loss or cradle’s cap, While researching the active ingredients, I noticed that it had Chamomilla Recutitta flower extract in it…and this they say works wonder on skin and hair. 

verdict ;

I bought 2 extra bottles in case savers cart  ran out of stock….lets just say I’m hooked.