Re-branding flub or nah? – New Always Ultra thin



Always Ultra has been around for as long as I can remember and I have used it loyally month after month ever since puberty struck. In fact,  I hardly  know anyone who doesn’t use Always.

I am a great fan of how its manufacturers constantly seek ways to make the product better by re-branding frequently. Honestly,  I don’t notice the changes sometimes,  as I always seem to get the comfort I’m used to (especially with blue one).

The latest re-branding comes with changes such as a thinner and more absorbent pad (according to them… although, I don’t think that’s really the case ). Changes I noticed –

  • A new, lighter inner blue wrapper.
  • The paper that covers the back of the pad is no longer there….among st others.

I didn’t know some other people had reservations about some of the changes until recently when I had a chat with some friends and someone kinda brought it up. After that chat,  I brought it up during discussions with other friends and I got similar reactions.

  • Many agreed that the blue wrapper is too light.
  • Many agreed that they preferred the white paper layering that used to be there.
  • Someone actually said she liked the new blue wrapper because it is fancier. But according to the reactions I got (mine included)…. Who fancy wrapper epp? LOL.. Substance over form please.
  • Some others feel the new Always ultra thin does not absorb as much as the old one and some parts often get disengaged when trying to detach from your panties more often than with the old one (mainly when it’s full).

This seems strange because this is the first time i have really noticed changes i don’t like. I am not ‘understanding’. Should we say the recession is responsible for this?  Or are the manufacturers simply trying to cut cost ?  Should we just call it a re branding flub ?

I suggest they make wiser re branding decisions in future as these little things count in maintaining an ever loyal and reliable customer base.