UBER DRIVERS: Standard dropped behind?

based on reports received....


As I barely caught the end of a radio show anchored by OAP, Kemismallzz of City 105.1FM, I listened as she puffed and huffed about the ineffectiveness of Uber drivers. I was like huh…Uber drivers? Considering the good reports I had heard in the past, I thought she was being melodramatic and unnecessarily hammy. I decided to seek the opinions of my many friends that use Uber frequently.

To my surprise, many of them confirmed what Kemismallzz said. According to her, many of the drivers are rude and never know where they are going. She sounded really upset and it was quite obvious that it was not a one-time issue. Another friend complained about something similar and how a driver snapped at her over the phone because she was simply trying to point out a fact to him (she also said that was not the first time). Quoting another friend…..when i asked- what has been your experience with Uber drivers? She said “Lately terrible…Slow and annoying”.

And on and on…..

Now, apart from the fact that my house address doesn’t exist on Uber map, I haven’t had any negative experience. One wanted to pick a call while driving and he asked for my permission first and used earphones. But then again, I have only used Uber twice. So what do I know really? I would definitely take the words of the frequent users over mine.

I’m not sure if Uber recently hired new drivers or the old drivers have just got tired of playing nice. I mean, we are human after all and I can understand and permit one or two flaws. But when it begins to recur, then there is a challenge.

I say this because I am aware that many people use Uber because of the good services it provides (or used to, at least). Now, when we begin to hear these negative reports and also experience them, we begin to ask ourselves…..why don’t I just take a regular cab instead?

Well, y’all know what that means. Need I say more?…..

What has been your experience with Uber drivers? Please share….