Your Children should start acquiring SKILLS…like now!

Skill building


The benefits of skill acquisition and building can not be over-emphasized. In a constantly evolving world and deranged economy, parents/guardians really need to begin to groom their children in the right direction as early as possible.

School education is highly fundamental in helping a child acquire useful skills but i preach that it should not be limited to it. Although,  i am a lot impressed that many schools now incorporate vocational skills into their syllabus and take extra curricular activities very seriously. Back then,  only a few schools had flexible curricula.

The need to embrace entrepreneurship has never been more imperative. There is no denying this. But we often forget to instill this notion in the younger generation. Our quest for a better economy must be addressed from the grassroots ; from what we teach our children.

Last summer holiday when i was upgrading my bead making skills, three parents enrolled their daughters (junior school students) to learn bead making; another,  tailoring. One of the mothers said her daughter showed interest in it, so she decided to enroll her for the holiday classes.  I was impressed. Very few parents do that.

I am of the opinion that we need  to steer our children in the right direction, not just by sending them to school,  but by observing,  talking to them,  encouraging and helping them discover their innate and adaptive abilities/potentials. Watch out for the little things! Do not ignore your son’s interest in drawing or how your daughter’s face lights up when it’s time for sports. Do not push aside the fact that ‘she’ is always drawn to the keyboard after Sunday service or that ‘he’ would not let your laptop be. It is important that we begin to notice these things and help them develop these potentials the right way.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what a child may be interested in. I suggest you broaden their scope. Expose them. Long summer holidays are a good time for children to develop vocational skills. There are a lot of summer camps where children get to mix and channel their minds into something other than school subjects: Music camps, Code camps, all rounded vocational camps, computer schools and more.

Sometimes,  you can impose something on them and see if they pick up some interest. In exposing your children to a lot of things,  they gradually begin to find their way,  discover what they like to do and ultimately, lead an auspicious career path.

No knowledge is ever wasted.  Allowing your child embrace skill building will definitely put him in a coign of vantage in future… one way or another. The fruits may not come instantly,  but they will, eventually.

Often times, money might be a challenge but there are ways around these things. I’m aware that many churches, companies and NGOs organize camps,  music workshops,  vocational skill acquisition for children for free or at subsidized rates. Take advantage of such opportunities. You never know which will be useful later. First, second and third term holidays should not all be spent playing and watching television and games. Let your children find something constructive to do.

Teach them to read (broadly).

Teach them to save and in the simplest ways,  teach them principles of investment.

Teach them the importance of self development.

Start grooming them early.


Let’s raise children with sharp minds!